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74 Things To Do Instead Of Smoking Weed & Getting High

As a traveler on the road to quitting marijuana, the journey may seem long and tedious. Experiencing boredom without weed is normal.[1] Habits like smoking weed can feel hard to break.

Thankfully, a great way to escape from a bad habit is to replace the habit with something completely different.[2] There are many other ways to have fun and stay entertained without getting high or smoking marijuana. These can also help with distracting you from cravings.

We have compiled fun activities on this page for anyone trying to quit weed and fill the gaps where boredom and cravings creep in. You can use it as a guide of sorts (or a bucket list if you wish) – and feel free to add your own by leaving a comment.

Here are some activities and things to do instead of smoking marijuana:

Get Busy Instead Of Getting High

Man Looking At Workboard

One way to fight cravings and overcome boredom without weed is to get busy with productive activities. Here are some activities you can try to keep you engaged and distracted from any urges to smoke weed:

  1. Go shopping
    You can go shopping to distract yourself. Depending on your budget, you could buy clothes, shoes, bags, books – anything that’s good for you or will help occupy your time. Shopping is a great mood lifter and can help you get over your desire to get high.
  2. Rearrange your wardrobe
    Sorting out your closet is one way to ward off marijuana cravings. This is something you can repeat multiple times until you get your stuff arranged how you like it.
  3. Clean up your house
    Another “fun” activity you can soak yourself into when you feel like getting high is cleaning. Surprisingly, it is normal to feel immense satisfaction when achieving something seemingly as mundane as a tidy house; this can give you further motivation in holding off relapse.
  4. Clean up your tech
    You know those files and folders littered across your desktop that you have been putting off sorting for so long? Well, why not fold your sleeves and get the work done whenever you feel like hitting a joint? It is a productive activity that can leave you feeling proud and accomplished. Click here for a good starting point.[3]
  5. Clean up your car
    If you own a car, you could try washing it by yourself instead of taking it to the car wash. If you’re feeling extra, you could even wax it afterward! You will feel good, your car will look good, and you probably won’t be thinking of cannabis while washing your vehicle.
  6. Garden
    Gardening is a great activity to immerse yourself in and can be super fun. The process of planting, tending, and watching your flowers or vegetables grow is a genuinely beautiful feeling and one that can take up a lot of time!
  7. Mow your lawn
    You can cut the grass in your yard or mow your lawn. It may be rigorous and time-consuming, but you should feel productive and clear-headed when you’re through with it.
  8. Review your finances
    Another productive activity that you can indulge in if you feel like getting high is balancing your books. This is something that heavier marijuana users often let slip – so now is a perfect opportunity to get on top of it. YNAB provides some great video courses.[4]
  9. Consider volunteering
    Apart from becoming a part of something of value, like touching lives, volunteering can be a perfect distraction from urges to smoke cannabis. It can also be quite productive and looks good on your resume.
  10. Learn to play an instrument
    Learning to play an instrument or taking music lessons can keep you occupied and ward off thoughts of getting high. The Ukelele is a fun instrument that can be great for beginners.[5]
  11. Revamp your living space
    More than just a simple tidy-up, you could take up a mini project like refurbishing an old room, basement, or attic in your home. You could change the wallpaper or paint and give the room a fresh look.
  12. Spend time with the older people in your life
    When you spend quality time in the midst of older, wiser people, you get free life lessons from a place of experience. Talking to brilliant, older people can set you on the right path and keep you accountable with your recovery journey.
  13. Start a family tree
    When you get the nudge to smoke cannabis, you can search for family photos and research your family tree. This can be a fun and productive activity, and you may well discover some hidden family secrets.
  14. Do your laundry
    If you find yourself looking for things to do, you could do some laundry and clean up those old and dirty clothes. Not only is doing laundry productive, but it also keeps your home and life healthy and neat.
  15. Learn a new skill
    Beyond the above, a general productive alternative to getting high and smoking weed is taking up a skill to learn. There is never any harm in improving yourself.

Indoor Activities To Replace Marijuana

Woman Stood Inside Her Home Instead Of Smoking Weed

Staying inside can be fun and helpful if you’re looking for an alternative to smoking marijuana and getting high. There are tons of indoor activities that can help you grow. Some indoor activities you can try out include:

  1. Start a gratitude journal
    Write down all the things you’re grateful for; it helps you stay focused while indoors and can engender a positive, appreciative mindset. Here’s a great guide on how to start one.[6]
  2. Invite a friend over
    You could enjoy quality time with trusted friends while staying indoors. You can talk about life, goals, and plans.
  3. Hang out with a pet
    Pets bring joy and keep your mind focused on positive things. If you have one, why not spend some time with them to keep your mind off smoking weed.
  4. Take a warm bath or shower
    Having a warm bath or shower can relax your nerves and make you feel comfortable in solitude.

Other indoor activities you could try include:

  1. Take a long nap
  2. Read a book
  3. Learn to crochet[7]
  4. Watch some Netflix
  5. Listen to your favorite music
  6. Play videogames
  7. Try a crossword puzzle
  8. Write a poem
  9. Try yoga[8]
  10. Sing
  11. Dance
  12. Write a letter to a loved one
  13. Start a scrapbook

Or Outdoor Activities

Person Jogging Outdoors

Depending on your triggers or preferences, staying indoors may not be the best option for you. Outdoor activities you can use to replace using weed include:

  1. Go for a walk in the park
  2. Take a long drive
  3. Visit a museum
  4. Go to the library
  5. Take language classes
  6. Go to the cinema and watch a new movie
  7. Capture nature with photographs
  8. Go hiking
  9. If you have a dog, take them on a walk
  10. Go and view the sunrise/sunset
  11. Go fishing
  12. Play in the rain
  13. Find a Meetup group[9]
  14. Start a Meetup group

7 Quick Activities To Beat Weed Cravings

Quick Activities To Do Instead Of Using Weed Infographic

The other activities on this page can be pretty involved; if you are experiencing a craving and want to fight it off quickly, the following strategies can be super helpful. They don’t take much time, but they can do a great job at “resetting” your thinking:

  1. Suck on a hard candy
  2. Brush your teeth
  3. Have a glass of water
  4. Meditate[10]
  5. Write down your reasons for quitting weed
  6. Do 10 pushups (or another simple exercise)
  7. Phone a friend

Spend Time With Friends And Family

When going through any challenge, it is always recommended that you surround yourself with loved ones who can support you and provide motivation and strength. Spending quality time with friends and family can go a long way in distracting you from marijuana cravings and make you feel better generally. Here are some ways you can enjoy quality time with family, friends, and loved ones:

  1. Play board games with your family
  2. Go geocaching with friends[11]
  3. If you have children, read them a story
  4. Watch a sports game
  5. Play a sports game
  6. Go bowling
  7. Cook a great meal together
  8. Snuggle with your partner
  9. Arrange a dinner party
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Go stargazing

Have Fun By Yourself

While hanging out with people is nice, if you’d prefer to be alone, there are several things you can do to distract from the urge to use weed. Here are some ideas you can try out:

  1. Bake a cake
  2. Do a puzzle
  3. Watch TED talks online[12]
  4. Read a magazine
  5. Go for a run
  6. Start a blog
  7. Get a professional massage
  8. Scroll through TikTok
  9. Join our forum[13]
  10. Go biking

Final Thoughts

Change takes time, and when the change has to do with quitting an addiction like smoking marijuana, it can get even more challenging. Regardless of the challenges, you are capable of doing great things, even if they seem a little tricky at first. Instead of letting weed win, you can immerse yourself in other worthwhile, fun, and healthy activities.



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